10kv Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer

Short Description:

Western developed countries and Southeast Asia, North and South America, a large number of single-phase transformers are used as distribution transformers. In the distribution network with distributed power supply, single-phase transformers have great advantages as distribution transformers. It can reduce the length of low-voltage distribution lines, reduce line losses, and improve power supply quality.

The transformer adopts a high-efficiency and energy-saving wound iron core structure design, and adopts a column-mounted suspension installation method, which is small in size, small in infrastructure investment, reduces the radius of low-voltage power supply, and can reduce low-voltage line losses by more than 60%. It is suitable for rural power grids, remote mountainous areas, scattered villages, agricultural production, lighting and power consumption.

Product Detail

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◆ Small size, easy installation and maintenance.
◆ Low noise, low line loss, high efficiency and energy saving.
◆ Reliable operation and strong overload capacity.


The applications of single-phase transformers are as follows
Reduce long distance signals to support residential and light commercial electronic equipment
TVs for voltage regulation
Boost Power in Home Inverters
supplying electricity to non-urban areas
To electrically isolate the two circuits since the primary and secondary are placed far away from each other

Main Functions and Features

General purpose and full protection & column transformers.
Suitable for agricultural power grids, remote villages, scattered villages, etc.
Single-phase post-type transformers have several parameters that provide special sequences if necessary.

Transformer Usage

Height cannot exceed: 1000m
Maximum ambient temperature: + 40 °C
Maximum daily average temperature: + 30 °C
Average annual maximum temperature: + 20 °C
Minimum outdoor temperature: -25 °C

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