10kV Resin Insulated Dry Type Transformer

Short Description:

Resin insulated dry-type transformer is our company’s introduction of foreign advanced technology. Because the coil is encapsulated by epoxy resin, it is flame-retardant, fire-proof, explosion-proof, maintenance-free, pollution-free, small in size, and can be directly installed in the load center. At the same time, scientific and reasonable design and pouring process make the product smaller partial discharge, low noise, strong heat dissipation capacity, long-term operation at 140% rated load under forced air cooling, and equipped with intelligent temperature controller, which has faults Alarm, over-temperature alarm, over-temperature trip and black gate function, and connected with the computer through the RS485 serial interface, it can be centrally monitored and controlled.

Due to the above characteristics of our dry-type transformers, they are widely used in power transmission and transformation systems, such as hotels, restaurants, airports, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, residential quarters and other important places, as well as subways, smelting power plants, ships, offshore drilling platforms and other environments Bad place.

Product Detail

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◆ Low loss, low operating cost, and obvious energy-saving effect;
◆ Flame retardant, fireproof, explosion-proof and pollution-free;
◆ Good moisture-proof performance and strong heat dissipation capacity;
◆ Low partial discharge, low noise and maintenance-free;
◆ High mechanical strength, strong short-circuit resistance and long service life;

Conditions of Use

The use conditions that meet the following requirements are normal use conditions:
a. The altitude above sea level should not exceed 1000m.
b. Ambient temperature + 40°C daily average temperature + 30°C annual average temperature +20°C minimum temperature -30°C (for outdoor transformers) minimum temperature -5°C (for indoor transformers).
C. The waveform of the power supply voltage resembles a sine wave.
d. Symmetry of multi-phase power supply voltage, the power supply voltage connected to the multi-phase transformer should be approximately symmetrical.

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