110kV Power Transformer

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The company’s 110kV power transformer is a product successfully produced through continuous exploration and improvement on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced transformer manufacturing technology at home and abroad, combined with the company’s production experience, and its reliability and performance indicators have reached the domestic advanced level. .After continuous improvement and improvement, the company has a series of transformer products.

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110KV power transformers are used in power plants, substations and large industrial and mining enterprises. They have the characteristics of low loss, low temperature rise, low noise, low partial discharge, and strong short-circuit resistance, thus saving a lot of power loss and operating costs.


1) Low loss: the no-load loss is about 40% lower than the current national standard GB6451, and the load loss is 15% lower than the current national standard GB6451.
2) Low noise: the noise level is below 60dB, which is generally lower than the national standard by nearly 20dB, which meets the power supply demand of urban network residents in my country.
3) Low PD: The PD volume is controlled below 100pc.
4) Strong short-circuit resistance: The SZ-80000kVA/110kV transformer designed and manufactured by our company has passed the short-circuit withstand ability test of the National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
5) Beautiful appearance: fuel tank folded corrugated structure, shot blasting and rust removal, powder electrospray paint, wide chip radiator, never fade.
6) No leakage: all sealing stops are limited, the upper and lower boxes are sealed along two channels, and all seals are imported.

Conditions of Use

1. The altitude should not exceed 1000 meters.
2. The highest ambient temperature is +40°C, the highest daily average temperature is +30°C, the highest annual average temperature is +20°C, and the lowest temperature is -25°C.
3. Relative humidity: ≤90% (25℃).

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