220kV Capacitive Voltage Transformer

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Outdoor single-phase capacitive voltage transformers are used for voltage, energy measurement and relay protection in 35-220kV, 50 or 60 Hz power systems. Its capacitive voltage divider doubles as a coupling capacitor for power line carrier communications.

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Structural Features

◆The product consists of two parts: capacitive voltage divider and electromagnetic unit.
◆Capacitive voltage divider consists of one or several coupling capacitors stacked in series.
◆The high voltage terminal is at the top of the capacitor voltage divider, and the medium voltage terminal and the low voltage terminal are led out to the electromagnetic unit by the porcelain sleeve on the bottom section of the high voltage capacitor chassis.
◆Electromagnetic unit consists of intermediate transformer, compensation reactor and damper. The capacitor is placed on top of the tank. The oil tank is filled with transformer oil and sealed. The volume and internal pressure of the oil are adjusted by the air on the top layer of the oil tank. The primary side coil of the intermediate transformer has an adjusting coil to adjust the voltage error, and the adjusting coil of the compensation reactor adjusts the phase error. Two The secondary winding is drawn out from the outlet terminal box on the front of the fuel tank.
◆This product is oil-filled and sealed, no special treatment such as oil filter or oil change is required to maintain the original electrical performance. Remember not to damage the sealing of the capacitor voltage divider. If the electromagnetic unit has to take oil samples, please pay attention to be sure to replenish oil in time, and how much to take. It is not necessary to take oil samples for the acceptance and normal operation of this product, otherwise it will bring adverse effects.
◆The high voltage is mainly borne by the capacitor voltage divider, and the impact dielectric strength is high.
◆The capacitive voltage divider can double as a coupling capacitor for power line carrier communication.
◆The product is capacitive as a whole and will not cause power frequency resonance and ferromagnetic resonance of the power system.
◆Adopt advanced damping technology of fast-saturable reactor, which can quickly and effectively suppress ferromagnetic resonance and ensure transient response performance.
◆All insulating parts of this product are made of environmentally friendly materials.
◆The secondary wiring board adopts epoxy resin casting structure, and the sealing performance is more reliable.
◆The outer leaking steel parts such as the base of the product adopt two anti-corrosion processes of spraying and hot-dip galvanizing, which are beautiful and have good anti-corrosion performance.
◆ Fasteners, nameplates, etc. are all stainless steel.

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