5KV Single-Phase Oil-Immersed Voltage Transformer

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This series of voltage transformers/oil-immersed transformers are single-phase oil-immersed products. It is used for electric energy metering, voltage control and relay protection in power systems with rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz and rated voltage of 35KV.

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This single-phase voltage transformer is three-pole, and the iron core is made of silicon steel sheet. The main body is fastened to the lid by means of clips. There are also primary and secondary bushings on the lid. The fuel tank is welded by steel plates, with grounding studs and drain plugs at the lower part of the tank wall, and four mounting holes at the bottom.

Scope of Use and Working Conditions

1. This instruction manual is applicable to this series of voltage transformers.
2. This product is suitable for 50 or 60 Hz power control system, the maximum natural temperature change of the surrounding medium is +40 °C, the installation height is below 1000 meters above sea level, and it can be installed in humid tropical climates. There is condensation and mold on the ground, and the relative humidity of the air is not more than 95%, but it is not suitable for installation in the following environments:
(1) Places with corrosive gas, vapor or sediment.
(2) Places with conductive dust (carbon powder, metal powder, etc.).
(3) Where there is a risk of fire and explosion.
(4) Places with strong vibration or impact.


1. The product must be inspected regularly during operation. Whether there is oil leakage in each part of the oil tank, it is best to inspect the transformer oil every six months. , and filter, the test results, if the oil quality is very bad, it is necessary to thoroughly check whether there is a fault inside the transformer, and correct it in time.
2. Although the spare product is not used immediately after delivery, it must be carefully inspected and placed in a fixed position.
3. When the product has been discontinued or stored for a long time, it is necessary to check whether the insulation and transformer oil are of good quality and whether there is moisture. If the product does not meet the requirements, it should be dried without oil.

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