What is a box-type substation and what are the advantages of a box-type substation?

What is a transformer: A transformer generally has two functions, one is a buck-boost function, and the other is an impedance matching function. Let’s talk about boosting first. There are many kinds of voltages generally used, such as 220V for life lighting, 36V for industrial safety lighting, and the voltage of the welding machine also needs to be adjusted, all of which are inseparable from the transformer. According to the principle of electromagnetic mutual inductance between the main coil and the secondary coil, the transformer can reduce the voltage to the voltage we need.
In the process of long-distance voltage transmission, we should increase the voltage to a very high level to reduce the loss of voltage, generally rising to several thousand volts or even tens of volts KV, which is the role of the transformer.
Impedance matching: The most common is in the electronic circuit, in order to make the signal smooth, generally choose the transformer for impedance matching, such as the old broadcast, because the fixed pressure is selected to export, the speaker is a high-resistance speaker, so only the export transformer can be used for matching. Therefore, daily life cannot be separated from transformers, nor can industrial production be separated from transformers.
Brief introduction of box-type substation: The box-type substation is composed of high-voltage power distribution cabinet, power transformer, low-voltage power distribution cabinet, etc. It is installed in a metal box, and the three parts of equipment have a space to protect each other. Box-type substations are a relatively new piece of equipment.
Advantages of box-type substations:
(1) Small footprint, suitable for installation in general urban load-intensive areas, rural areas, residential areas, etc., which is conducive to high-voltage extension, reduces the power supply radius of voltage lines, and reduces line damage.
(2) Reduce the cost of civil infrastructure, can be produced on a large scale, reduce the construction period on site, less investment, and significant effect.
(3) Small size, light weight, easy to install and move.
(4) Sealed transformers can be used, and new equipment such as sf6 ring network cabinets have the characteristics of long cycle, maintenance-free and complete functions, and are suitable for terminals and ring networks.
(5) Environmental protection, novel and beautiful appearance, widely used in temporary electricity, industrial areas, residential quarters, commercial centers and other building electricity needs, and is relatively harmonious with the environment.

Post time: Oct-17-2022