What is a cable branch box and its classification?

What is a cable branch box? Cable branch box is a common electrical equipment in power distribution system. Simply put, it is a cable distribution box, which is a junction box that divides a cable into one or more cables. Cable branch box classification: European cable branch box. European cable branch boxes have been widely used in cable engineering equipment in power distribution systems in recent years. Its main features are two-way door opening, using insulating wall bushings as connecting busbars, with obvious advantages such as small length, clear cable arrangement, and no need for large-span crossover of three-core cables. Connecting cable connectors with a rated current of 630A are generally bolted, which can provide satisfactory technical solutions for various user needs. American cable branch box. American cable branch box is a kind of bus-type cable branch equipment, which is widely used in cable engineering equipment in cable distribution network system. It is characterized by one-way door opening and horizontal multi-pass busbar, which has obvious advantages such as small width, flexible combination, full insulation and full sealing. According to the current carrying capacity, it can generally be divided into 630A main circuit and 200A branch circuit. The connection and combination are simple, convenient and flexible, which can greatly save equipment and cable investment and improve the reliability of power supply. It is suitable for commercial centers, industrial parks and urban dense areas, and is an ideal product for the current urban power grid transformation. Switch type cable branch box. The cable branch box switch has the characteristics of full insulation, full sealing, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free, safe and reliable, small size, compact structure, easy installation and flexibility, and is widely used in power systems. The switch adopts TPS series products imported from Italy, the fracture is visible, and the insulating and arc extinguishing medium adopts SF6 gas with advanced arc extinguishing characteristics. Its good insulation performance, extremely short arc extinguishing time, visible fracture window, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel casing make the performance of the cable branch box very good, fully satisfying the power users’ requirements for full insulation, full sealing, high reliability, No oil, multi-combination, maintenance-free, modular, corrosion-resistant and other requirements. Distribution automation equipment. Function of cable branch box 1. There are many small-area cables on a long-distance line, which often leads to waste of cable use. Therefore, in the outgoing line to the electrical load, the main cable is often used as the outgoing line. Then when approaching the load, use the cable branch box to divide the main cable into several small-area cables and connect them to the load. 2. On long lines, if the cable length cannot meet the line requirements, use cable joints or cable transfer boxes. Typically, intermediate cable connectors are used for short distances. However, when the line is long, according to experience, if there are many intermediate joints in the middle of the cable, in order to ensure safety, the cable branch box will be considered for transfer.

Post time: Oct-28-2022