Pre-Installed Box Type Substation

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Prefabricated substation (hereinafter referred to as box substation) is a power distribution equipment assembled into one or several boxes by high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low-voltage switchgear, electric energy metering device and power factor compensation device. It is widely used in urban high-rise buildings, residential quarters, factories and mines, street lamps, hotels, oil fields, airports, hospitals, stations, wharves, shopping malls and other places. This product has strong complete set, short installation period and safe operation.

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◆The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40℃, and the minimum ambient air temperature is -25℃;
◆The altitude should not exceed 1000 meters, if using specially ordered transformers and low-voltage components, the altitude can reach 3000 meters;
◆The vertical inclination does not exceed 5°, and there is no violent vibration and shock;
◆The air humidity is not more than 90% (+25℃);
◆Gas places with no conductive dust, no explosion hazard, no corrosion of metals and electrical components;
◆Outdoor wind speed should not exceed 35m/s.


The shell refers to foreign advanced technology and is designed according to the actual situation. It has the characteristics of firmness, heat insulation and ventilation, good performance, dustproof, anti-small animal, moisture-proof, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance. There are various options for housing materials. Such as: aluminum alloy plate, steel plate, composite plate, stainless steel plate, non-metallic material (glass fiber cement), etc.
The high-voltage side generally uses a load switch, but also a vacuum circuit breaker, and has a complete anti-misoperation function. Other ring network switchgear can also be selected. Transformers can be oil-immersed transformers, fully sealed transformers, or dry-type transformers. The substation has perfect protection performance, convenient operation, optional high and low voltage measurement, and can be equipped with automatic no-power compensation device according to user requirements.
The top cover of the box is designed as a double-layer structure, and the interlayer is filled with foam plastic, which has a good thermal insulation effect. The high and low voltage rooms are designed with independent top plates, and the transformer room is equipped with anti-condensation and automatic temperature control monitoring, heating and cooling devices.
The box body adopts natural ventilation, and forced ventilation equipment can also be installed. A dustproof device is installed on the outside of the door panel and the side panel corresponding to the shutter position.

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