• Mine Flameproof Dry-Type Transformer

    Mine Flameproof Dry-Type Transformer

    The coils of mine flameproof dry-type transformers are made of Class C insulating materials and are treated with vacuum pressure dipping to improve mechanical strength and moisture resistance. Special paint for iron core; product performance is better than GB8286 “flameproof mobile substation for mining” standard, product insulation material temperature resistance grade is H or C grade, cooling method, voltage regulation method is non-excitation voltage regulation, protection grade is IP54.

  • KS11 Series 10KV Mine Oil-Immersed Transformer

    KS11 Series 10KV Mine Oil-Immersed Transformer

    This series of products are made of high-quality grain-oriented, high-quality and high-permeability silicon steel sheets stacked. The low-noise and low-loss fuel tank has a sturdy structure. High and low-voltage cable junction boxes are welded on both sides of the tank wall. They are used for cable wiring. The high-voltage coil must have a tap voltage of ±5% of the rated voltage. .The power supply must be cut off first, and then the wind and rain of the tap switch on the box wall must be removed to convert the voltage transformer. The low-voltage side of the voltage transformer allows the “Y” type to be connected to 693V or the “D” type to be connected to 400V for power supply, and the secondary is directly installed in the cable junction box. The end leads out six porcelain sleeves for the user to connect the transformer hoisting and use the hoisting climb welded on the box wall. The bottom of the transformer box is equipped with a skid, and there are installation holes on the skid, which can be used for mines and mine cart rollers when needed.

    KS11 series mine transformers are used as power distribution equipment for mine consolidation. The product has the characteristics of small size, easy to merge, reasonable structure, low loss and good thermal performance.

  • 110kV Power Transformer

    110kV Power Transformer

    The company’s 110kV power transformer is a product successfully produced through continuous exploration and improvement on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced transformer manufacturing technology at home and abroad, combined with the company’s production experience, and its reliability and performance indicators have reached the domestic advanced level. .After continuous improvement and improvement, the company has a series of transformer products.

  • 11kv Three-Phase Oil-Immersed Transformer

    11kv Three-Phase Oil-Immersed Transformer

    ·The core is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon wafers with full bevel cut, no puncture structure, and the coils are made of high-quality oxygen-free copper.

    ·It features a corrugated fin or expansion radiator tank.

    ·Reduced transformer height as no oil reservoir is required.

    ·Since the transformer oil is not in contact with the air, its oil aging is delayed, thus extending the life of the transformer.

  • 10kv Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer

    10kv Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer

    Western developed countries and Southeast Asia, North and South America, a large number of single-phase transformers are used as distribution transformers. In the distribution network with distributed power supply, single-phase transformers have great advantages as distribution transformers. It can reduce the length of low-voltage distribution lines, reduce line losses, and improve power supply quality.

    The transformer adopts a high-efficiency and energy-saving wound iron core structure design, and adopts a column-mounted suspension installation method, which is small in size, small in infrastructure investment, reduces the radius of low-voltage power supply, and can reduce low-voltage line losses by more than 60%. It is suitable for rural power grids, remote mountainous areas, scattered villages, agricultural production, lighting and power consumption.

  • 10kV Resin Insulated Dry Type Transformer

    10kV Resin Insulated Dry Type Transformer

    Resin insulated dry-type transformer is our company’s introduction of foreign advanced technology. Because the coil is encapsulated by epoxy resin, it is flame-retardant, fire-proof, explosion-proof, maintenance-free, pollution-free, small in size, and can be directly installed in the load center. At the same time, scientific and reasonable design and pouring process make the product smaller partial discharge, low noise, strong heat dissipation capacity, long-term operation at 140% rated load under forced air cooling, and equipped with intelligent temperature controller, which has faults Alarm, over-temperature alarm, over-temperature trip and black gate function, and connected with the computer through the RS485 serial interface, it can be centrally monitored and controlled.

    Due to the above characteristics of our dry-type transformers, they are widely used in power transmission and transformation systems, such as hotels, restaurants, airports, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, residential quarters and other important places, as well as subways, smelting power plants, ships, offshore drilling platforms and other environments Bad place.