Three-Phase Combined Composite Jacket Zinc Oxide Arrester

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1. The ambient temperature used is -40℃~+60℃, and the altitude is less than 2000m (higher than 2000m when ordering).

2. The cable length and wiring nose diameter of indoor products should be specified when ordering.

3. When intermittent arc ground overvoltage or ferromagnetic resonance overvoltage occurs in the system, it may cause damage to the product.

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Metal oxide arrester (MOA) is an important protective appliance used to protect the insulation of power transmission and transformation equipment from overvoltage hazards. It has fast response, flat volt-ampere characteristics, stable performance, large current capacity, low residual voltage, and long life. , simple structure and other advantages, widely used in power generation, transmission, substation, distribution and other systems. The composite jacket metal oxide arrester is made of silicone rubber composite material. Compared with the traditional porcelain jacket arrester, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, firm structure, strong pollution resistance, and good explosion-proof performance. When the arrester is under normal operating voltage, the current flowing through the arrester is only microampere. When subjected to overvoltage, due to the nonlinearity of the zinc oxide resistance, the current flowing through the arrester instantly reaches thousands of amperes, and the arrester is in a conducting state. Release overvoltage energy, thus effectively limiting the damage of overvoltage to power transmission and transformation equipment.

The three-phase combined composite jacketed zinc oxide arrester is a new type of protective device used to protect the insulation of power equipment from overvoltage hazards. It limits the phase-to-ground overvoltage while effectively limiting the phase-to-phase overvoltage. Widely used to protect vacuum switches, rotating electrical machines, parallel compensation capacitors, power plants, substations, etc. This combined arrester has been running for more than ten years, and it has been proved to be a feasible and effective measure to limit the overvoltage between phases. The surge arrester uses large-capacity zinc oxide resistors as the main component, which has good volt-ampere characteristics and the ability to absorb overvoltage, and provides reliable protection for the protected equipment. It has been widely used in power systems.

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