Box Type Substation

  • High Quality Outdoor Box-Type Substation

    High Quality Outdoor Box-Type Substation

    Product use environmental conditions

    Ambient temperature: upper limit +40°C, lower limit -25°C; altitude does not exceed 1000M.

    The indoor wind speed does not exceed 35mm/s; relative temperature: the daily average value is not more than 95%, the monthly average value is not more than 90%, and the monthly average value is not more than 90%.

    The seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees; there is no fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.

  • European-Style Box-Type Substation

    European-Style Box-Type Substation

    Product Usage

    It is suitable for small unattended substations with voltages of 35KV and below, and main transformer capacity of 5000KVA and below.

  • American Box Type Substation

    American Box Type Substation

    The main parameters

    1) The wiring form of the box transformer: one or two 10KV incoming lines.

    For a single transformer, the capacity is generally 500KVA~800KVA; 4~6 low-voltage outgoing cables are used.

    2) The main components of the box change:

    Transformer, 10KV ring network switch, 10KV cable plug, low-voltage pile head box and other main components. It has the advantages of small size, low cost and easy installation.

  • ZGS11-Z.T Series Combined Transformer For Photovoltaic Power Generation

    ZGS11-Z.T Series Combined Transformer For Photovoltaic Power Generation

    Photovoltaic power generation has developed rapidly at home and abroad as a clean energy production method. ZGS-Z.T-□/□ series combined transformers are just to meet the increasing power supply requirements of photovoltaic power generation. Our company produces 10KV/35KV combined type transformers On the basis of the transformer, it digests and absorbs the advanced technology at home and abroad and develops a series of products by itself. , It adopts a fully sealed structure, the shell adopts a split body, shot peening, pickling, phosphating, spraying primer intermediate paint and topcoat separately to achieve surface corrosion resistance, thickness resistance, and UV resistance. Small size, light weight and easy installation.

  • Mobile Box-Type Substation

    Mobile Box-Type Substation

    Mobile box-type substation is a kind of high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low-voltage power distribution device, which are prefabricated indoor and outdoor compact power distribution equipment in a factory according to a certain wiring scheme. The functions are organically combined and installed in a moisture-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof, rat-proof, fire-proof, anti-theft, heat-insulating, fully-enclosed, movable steel structure box, especially suitable for urban network construction and renovation, and is the second largest civil substation. A new kind of substation that has risen since then. Box-type substations are suitable for mines, factories, oil and gas fields and wind power stations.