Mine Flameproof Dry-Type Transformer

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The coils of mine flameproof dry-type transformers are made of Class C insulating materials and are treated with vacuum pressure dipping to improve mechanical strength and moisture resistance. Special paint for iron core; product performance is better than GB8286 “flameproof mobile substation for mining” standard, product insulation material temperature resistance grade is H or C grade, cooling method, voltage regulation method is non-excitation voltage regulation, protection grade is IP54.

Product Detail

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1. Maintenance-free, low loss, low noise, low partial discharge.
2. According to the design of the non-suspended core structure, the internal loosening of the product during transportation is prevented.
3. Good weather resistance, no cracks and insulation level decline during the service life.
4. Not sensitive to temperature and dust.
5. It has better ability to resist sudden short circuit.
6. Flame retardant, flame retardant, non-toxic, self-extinguishing, fireproof.
7. Under the high temperature and open fire, the dry-type transformer coil produces almost no smoke.
8. It is harmless to the environment. After the service life, it can be easily disassembled, and the conductive material can be recycled together with the iron core.

Structural Features

◆All the joint surfaces of the box are made according to fire protection requirements and can withstand an internal pressure of 0.8 MPa.
◆The box cover is made of steel plate. There are two cable outlet sleeves on the casing, and there are rubber gaskets on the wind surface of the sleeves. The cable passes through the rubber gasket. After tightening the sleeve, the cable can be compressed with a rubber gasket to ensure a seal. The selected cable outer diameter must closely match the rubber gasket, and the cable must be tightly compressed and completely sealed to ensure isolation performance.
◆There are grounding bolts on the inner surface of the casing, which are welded on the casing support and should be properly grounded.
◆The trailer frame is welded on the outside of the box shell for horizontal dragging. It can be stored vertically to save space during transport or storage.
◆Grain-oriented, low-consumption cold-rolled silicon steel sheet iron core, multi-layer circular, simple coil structure, B-class insulation, air self-cooling mining equipment.

Scope of Use

It is used in mines where there is mixed gas and coal dust, and there is a danger of explosion. It is suitable for coal mines, non-ferrous metal mines and tunnel projects.

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