KS11 Series 10KV Mine Oil-Immersed Transformer

Short Description:

This series of products are made of high-quality grain-oriented, high-quality and high-permeability silicon steel sheets stacked. The low-noise and low-loss fuel tank has a sturdy structure. High and low-voltage cable junction boxes are welded on both sides of the tank wall. They are used for cable wiring. The high-voltage coil must have a tap voltage of ±5% of the rated voltage. .The power supply must be cut off first, and then the wind and rain of the tap switch on the box wall must be removed to convert the voltage transformer. The low-voltage side of the voltage transformer allows the “Y” type to be connected to 693V or the “D” type to be connected to 400V for power supply, and the secondary is directly installed in the cable junction box. The end leads out six porcelain sleeves for the user to connect the transformer hoisting and use the hoisting climb welded on the box wall. The bottom of the transformer box is equipped with a skid, and there are installation holes on the skid, which can be used for mines and mine cart rollers when needed.

KS11 series mine transformers are used as power distribution equipment for mine consolidation. The product has the characteristics of small size, easy to merge, reasonable structure, low loss and good thermal performance.

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Use Environment

◆KS9 series mining transformers are suitable for underground central substations, underground parking lots, general air inlet ducts and main air inlet ducts in coal mines, where there is gas but no danger of explosion. It is also suitable for the environment where the tunnel is relatively humid.

◆Normal environmental conditions of use: the altitude does not exceed 1000m.
The maximum ambient temperature is +40°C and the minimum is -25°C.

◆Special environmental conditions of use: the altitude exceeds 1000m.
The maximum ambient temperature is +40°C and the minimum is -45°C.

◆The relative humidity of the surrounding air is not more than 95% (+25℃).

◆There is no strong turbulence and vibration and the inclination of the vertical plane does not exceed 35°.

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